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Luke, you're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.

- Obi-wan Kenobi
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Game News (DBG mfg co. is building a mountain)
Service Updates
1. Don't be a pussy, quit our guild then get mad and run your mouth when we won't help you quest.
2. Not in DBGmfgco...then don't come on our vent channel to talk s!%*!
Welcome to STAR WARS the Old Republic Dead Bad Guy Manufacting Company! Operating galaxy-wide on Shien. Founded in 2008, later established in 2011 by MeanMan. DBG (Dead Bad Guy Manufacting Company) offers a variety of manufacting needs ranging from, but not limited to: Dead Imperials, dead or dying Sith, dead Republic traitors, and many, many other villainous scum.
*Dead Bad Guy Manufacting Company is not respondsable for any damage that may and very likely will occur to personal or privite property. DBG will also not assist in the clean-up/disposal of any and all dead bad guys.
DBG mfg co. Poll Questions
Poll Question Close Date
!The Ultimate Question! Which is your favorte Star Wars movie? Winner: "Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back" 4 weeks, 974 days ago
Which SW:TOR class do you enjoy playing the most? Winner: "Sith Warrior" 4 weeks, 1288 days ago
Who would you rather be? Revan from Knights of the Old Republic or the Jedi Exile from Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords? Winner: "Revan" 4 weeks, 1368 days ago
DBG Guild News

Building a mountain...of dead bad guys

Austa Lokka, Jan 8, 12 9:26 AM.
Building a mountain
DBG has a nice pile of body adding up...but we need your help!

DBG mfg co. is LIVE on Shien

Meanman, Dec 10, 11 12:43 AM.
We grinding to 50!...and crafting.
Shout out to our Crucesignati brothers for Shien server first!
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